Reasons to maintain the condition of tyre

Tyre repair can be caused by any number of reasons. It can be caused due to the natural wear and tear due to long running of the automobile. There are other reasons due to which the tire might get repaired even though it is a new tyre. One needs to maintain the proper tyre pressure and wheel to weight balance ratio. If you use heavier weight compared to prescribed load capacity it will affect the tire to wear out quickly and will result in less than optimum performance of the vehicle. In these scenarios you need to visit read more about car servicing in Singapore to ensure car tires are repaired properly. As mentioned previously there are other reasons also due to which tyre get affected quickly. Driving at high speed for longer duration will increase the heat on tyres and will cause them to blast sometimes which will make you lose the control of the car. Also higher load on the car compared to the weight mentioned in the manual will increase the pressure. Driving the car with low tyre pressure than the prescribed tyre pressure will affect the braking. if you drive under pressure tyre in the wet conditions it will affect your safety.

You need to ensure that you are checking the tyre pressure periodically and before any long drive. It’s normal practise to check the tyre pressure of spare wheel also before any long travel. In case of flat tyre you can use the spare tyre immediately and can get the repaired tyre checked by an expert at car tyre repair later. Also you need to inspect your tyres once in a week to ensure there is no problem found in the tyre. Also you need to do tyre rotation frequently to ensure proper balance of tyre is met due to wear and tear of the tyre. Tyres may wear out due to various reasons especially due to difference in the weight of front and rear axils. A car tyre repair / tyre patching process will take only 10-15 minutes and your car will be back on the roads again. Ensure the batteries inspected by the experts at the car repair shop repair at least once in a year. You read more about the car battery Singapore to know more about functioning of the car battery. It’s not advisable   to run the car with the worn out battery. For more details click here – read more about car workshop in Singapore.

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